Qingdao tongtairuiyuan industry and trade Co.,Ltd

Company Profile

Evergreen Metal and rubber products Co ltd (China comapany;Qingdao tongtairuiyuan industry and trade Co.,Ltd) is a production, research and development, trade in services for the integration of enterprises, our company set up only at the beginning of the production of various kinds of PU wheels, plastic products, with the increase of customer requirements, the company's business gradually expanded to the metal processing, rubber and other fields, product series expansion to the cart, warehouse, Welding accessories farm tools and other fields, customers all over the United States, Europe and other places. Enterprises on the one hand, has many years of accumulated manufacturing experience, on the other hand, through years of cooperation with industry leader enterprise, the company's core competitiveness have great development, especially in the aspect of supply chain management, enterprises around the world to provide the professional service, whether your products are not within our existing products, we can provide high quality products and services.

In the future, our company will continue to deepen the cooperation with customers, continue to extend the supply chain, to provide customers with more reliable products and services.